Low Whinns Farm

Low Whinns Farm, Tranmire

Low Whinns Farm is situated in the picturesque hamlet of Tranmire surrounded by the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. We are only a couple of miles from both the coastline and water sport, sailing facilities at Scaling Dam.

Tranmire is located just off the A171 moor road, within easy reach of the historic fishing village of Staithes, the world famous port of Whitby and the ancient market town of Guisborough.

Low Whinns Farm has almost 90 acres of land, mainly pasture, with several footpaths, bridalways crossing the farm, leading to either the Coast or Moorland. Ideal for walking, cycling and riding.

Plans for 2019

continuing our rolling programme of improvements, re-painting etc to the dog areas , with another exercise yard area being concreted in the Spring

As you can see - it's a long time since this has been updated !

We tend to put most of our updates on Facebook now - it's easier to keep up to date. Check out our page - Tranmire Cockers & Sprockers, which , in addition to all the info about dogs & puppies, also has some useful files about spaying, training, etc.

In order to reduce the workload & concentrate on the dogs, Tony has sold his Aberdeen Angus herd and our flock of sheep. Only a couple of old dears,sheep ewes still pottering around the fields.

We've worked hard over the last couple of years to improve the horse livery facilities, with new stables, lunge pen, horse-walker, arena, etc. We also have a continuing schedule of concreting the most used areas of the driveway & curtilage of the farm, for vehicle & farm equipment standing & storage areas.

October 2016

New stables available for livery clients - see livery page for further details

New calves arrived, we are planning on 30 this year

August 2016

A busy month getting in hay & haylage for winter, "helped" for a week by Tony's 3 grandchildren!

Katie came home for a few days, she & Tex still had time to compete at our biggest local agricultural show.

Always lovely to go to these shows and have the memories of attending through the years, and for a nice change the weather was very good..

July 2015

Everyone home for the Summer, Chunky is being ridden, Taz being broken-in by Katie

Minnie & Murphy the terriers, are hopefully having puppies in September

There is a Welsh Section A pony for loan here at Tranmire

2 stables available on livery from 1st August

May 2015

Tex and Katie are doing well in some British Showjumping 1.05 & 1.10 m classes competitions at Bishop Burton College, we're looking forward to having him home for the summer.

September 2014

Tex has gone off to College with Katie, so just the 2 younger horses at home at the moment, Taz due to be broken in this year and Chunky to continue his education.

15th September 2014

It's starting to feel like Autumn! The chickens put themselves to bed a lot earlier, all locked away from Mr Fox by about 7.45 at the moment.

A reminder to everyone who gets their hay from us - work out how much you will need & get your numbers in to us to reserve for the winter - don't leave it till the bad weather sets in!

We've had our first golden and lemon Cocker Spaniel puppies - I'll upload some pictures soon.

We have also signed up to sponsor the training of a guide dog puppy - Truffle.

Please do this if you can , further details at www.sponsorapuppy.org.uk, or visit www.guidedogs.org.ukWe went to Stokesley Show 21st September, Katie & Ben were jumping and a lovely day out

9 September

Torrential rain last week - just as we were getting our straw delivery ! we were squelching by the end ............. thanks to Keith & Percy for getting it in for us, ( and Percy, Tom & Katie for stacking it all ).

5 August

Fabulous weather for a few weeks, so after lots of hard work, we got about 1700 bales of hay made - so we're ready for the winter - we also sell it @ £3 a bale.

All the lambs & sheep getting fatter on the good grass.

Max & Pip have had some lady visitors, and we've had some puppies, including our first black & white ones.

Horses haven't been out to many competitions as we've been so busy baling, but hope to get to Hinderwell, Danby & Egton Shows.

Lots of chicks born - Marrans, Silkies, Quails, Polish, Pekins hopefully one of the Polish is a boy, as our Polish cockerel, Rodney died, so no Polish chicks for a while.

1st June

I haven't updated the website for a while - a combination of being busy and the internet being down .... curse you BT!

Anyway ......... on the positive side of things

We've got a new range of showjumps, including fillers and a water tray.

Stan has gone to a lovely new home.

The lambs are growing well and we've got lots of new chicks

The grass is growing well, lovely for the horses turned out, and for this year's hay - and Tony has got 2 new hay grab thingies to make bailing & collecting the hay easier ( !?! boys & their toys).

It's finally Spring ........... lambs are arriving, and chicks ( although from the incubator, as nature has been too cold! )

Hello to Ben ............officially the biggest animal on the farm ............. see horse page for more info

A sad goodbye to Muffin .............

Minnie is fine & happy around the farm as always, but , because one of our neighbours has complained to our local council about the dogs barking, & Muffin, as a young excitable terrier was the main culprit, we have had to re-home Muffin.

She has gone to a lovely family home, with a Spaniel & 2 boys to play with, and a new name Pippin!

lots of love Muffin, we will all miss you

Minnie's blog continues on tumblr


Dogs & Puppies

Low Whinns Farm Stud are a family run breeder of Spaniels, Cockers, and Sprockers ( Springer x Cocker )

Our aim is to breed healthy, happy puppies who are suitable for all types of people.

Our Facebook page - Tranmire Cockers & Sprockers - has lots of photos of our puppies throughout the UK with their new families.


Horses & Livery

Low Whinns Farm has 90 acres, providing plenty of room to rotate fields for our horses and ponies.

In addition to owning our own horses, we offer a livery service at Low Whinns, from DIY, assisted or full livery, with additional services like clipping & holiday care available.

Our latest project has been to put rubber matting and automatic waterers in all stables - better for the horses, and saves time and effort for owners.

We've got a new range of show jumps, . We make our own hay & haylage.