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To everyone on our waiting lists - Thankyou for your patience.


 I will be contacting everyone on our waiting lists to inform you of our price increase, confirm if you are still interested in a puppy from us and update our lists


Having broadly maintained our 2019 prices in 2020, the market shows no sign of dropping back, and puppies are currently being sold for 3 times what we were charging in 2020.


so we are increasing the price of our Sprockers to £1500 and KC registered Cocker pups to £1800.


This is commensurate with market rates  and still considerably below some back-yard breeders who charge £2 - 3k + and do not provide the same quality of puppies, health checks & paperwork as Tranmire.


We are waiting for girls to come into season in Spring, so it may be Summer / Autumn before pups are available for you , depending on how many puppies we have  and how many people stay on list.


I totally understand if this is too long a wait for you & you want to get a puppy from another breeder. 


Please DO NOT email me to confirm you want to leave or remain on the waiting lists, I will work through each months list in turn, and only require you to respond to that email if you wish to stay on the list. 

Anyone who doesn't respond, will not be contacted again.




 I'm not starting a 2022 list, as that will just be more emails to deal with sorry. I will update page in mid 2021.

Current Puppies for Sale

Puppies - general information

PRA & FN hereditary clear from tested clear sires

All puppies 1st vacs, microchipped, wormed & flea/ tick treated, vet health-checked, come with vet health check confirmation, docking certificate (where appropriate), 4 weeks free insurance, 5 generation KC pedigree (for Cockers). KC information on toilet training, exercise, worming, etc

Photos of previous puppies sent to us by new owners are on our Facebook page - Tranmire Cockers & Sprockers

contact Yvonne on y.harrison7@btinternet.com for more info on 2020 litters.

Enquire about current puppies available, or to be on our 2020 waiting list.

Tel 01947 841913 - email: y.harrison7@btinternet.com

Spaniels, Cockers, Springers & Sprockers

We have owned Spaniels since 2003, Cockers, Springers and Sprockers - which is a Cocker crossed with a Springer.

All of our original Spaniels have been working dogs - they accompany Tony shooting.

There they would have 2 different roles - acting either as "beating" dogs - to flush out birds such as pheasant and grouse from the undergrowth and drive them towards the guns, or as a "peg" dog, sitting quietly with the person shooting, until directed to collect the fallen bird. This work needs an enthusiastic and obedient, intelligent dog who can wait patiently and obey commands in a busy environment, not being distracted by noise, or other dogs and their owners. Spaniels love to work and please their owners, so a day out on the moors doing what they are bred for is their idea of heaven!

We find that the environment of the North Yorkshire Moors, with bracken, brambles and close undergrowth, suits a smaller spaniel rather than a larger dog, so we have specifically bought in smaller Cocker and Springer bitches to enhance our breeding programme. Our dogs love water and will retrieve ducks from in water. Spaniels have very soft mouths, bred not to damage the game birds they carry; Sally can carry an egg to you and not break it!

We bred 2 litters of Sprockers initially and kept 2 bitches and 1 dog, the other puppies were quickly snapped up by family and friends as ideal family pets.

They are a sensible size for a family home, easy to train, very loving and good with children.

Tranmire Sprockers are living with families all over the UK, from Brighton to Aberdeen, giving pleasure to their families every day. Lots of the puppy owners keep in touch & send photos of their dogs at the beach, on holidays, scaling the 3 Peaks, doing agility classes & just having fun!

Many of our puppies go to working homes as gundogs, and on farms, and we are very proud that one of our puppies was a successful drugs sniffer dog with North Yorkshire Police - we've got a photo of him from his local paper during a "raid ". Billy "the wonder-dog" appeared in a TV series - Dog Detectives in November 2018.

Please contact us for details of current puppies available and planned litters.

Tranmire Puppies

Our working Cocker stud dogs bring good pedigrees, lovely tempraments and generations of fieldwork & trials champions to our puppies.

Freddy (chocolate) is Max's son (our original stud dog). He is our lead gundog, working on several different shoots in a season - he even retrieves game from underwater, swimming to collect birds other dogs would leave.

Jackson (black) & Pickles (lemon & white) are the next generation, being sons of Max & Pip respectively, they are active stud dogs, producing some lovely puppies.

Laz (Blue Roan) and Bill (choc) are our youngsters, busy being silly, playing & growing this year. More info & pics on the stud dogs page.

The girls:

Some of our bitches are field and gun dogs, some are purely family pets. Those that we have bought as adult dogs are chosen for their loving natures and good temperaments. We have bred several of the girls ourselves, so you can see 3 generations of dogs.

We have large whelping areas for our pregnant girls, with heat lamps for the puppies.

All of our dogs and puppies are on a strict vet-supervised vaccination and worming programme.

There are lots of photos on our Facebook page "Tranmire Cockers and Sprockers".

The puppies:

Puppies are vet checked at 3 days old, with tails docked when appropriate. From the age of 4 - 5 weeks they are started on a high protein complete food and meat, in conjunction with mum's milk, and are then weaned gradually over a 2 -3 week period.

Puppies are ready for their new homes after 8 weeks, your puppy is completely weaned, socialised and confident with people, cats, noise and is already retrieving small balls and toys for you. It is also better for the Mum to have a gradual weaning.

First vaccinations and microchips are done in week 8, then the puppies are available for new homes. We can keep puppies longer to accommodate holidays, etc. by arrangement.

Each puppy has an information pack for their new owner - including:vaccination card; microchip form; docking certification from vet (for docked puppies); free 4 weeks insurance; Kennel Club registration & copy of pedigree papers ( Cockers only ); KC information sheets on exercise, worming, training, etc.

We recommend a training DVD - Establishing the Basics by Howard Kirby, for good basic training for all breeds, not just gundogs, and The Puppy Bible : the Ultimate Week-by-week Guide to The Puppy Bible: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Guide to Raising Your Puppy by Claire Arrowsmith and Alison Smith as a good week-by-week guide to your new puppy. Both are available on Amazon.

We take reservations for new puppies, for example if you particularly want a chocolate brown girl , and often have waiting lists, so please contact Yvonne as soon as possible ............don't think "I'll wait till they're 6 weeks old." as you may be too late.

Photos of the puppies on our Facebook page "Tranmire Cockers and Sprockers".


The other working dogs:

Minnie, our Jack Russell Terrier, and ruler of the farm, is our working terrier who keeps the vermin levels in control on the farm. #no.1ratter - she now has an assistant - Murphy, a rough coated Jack Russell, Danger Dot & Diddly complete the Terrier tribe.

Bear, Mini's sidekick, is a 7 stone Bouvier Des Flanders (Katie's baby) who herds the cattle on the farm and provides excellent security. Although a lot of training has been tried, Bear still refuses to retrieve like a spaniel, preferring to jump on balls etc. instead!

He now has a "mini-me" in Bouvier Bella.

Stud dogs

Max - black working Cocker Spaniel, was our original stud dog, he had an excellent 5 generation KC pedigree with many field trial champions in his background, great confirmation and fabulous coat, his puppies inherited his good looks!

His son Freddy, is now a stud dog, he is a well behaved, excellent working gundog, he has worked both beating and as a peg dog on a local farmer's syndicate shoot.

Freddy has inherited his sire's very good temperament, he gets on well with other dogs and is very nice with his ladies. We have bred him to Cockers, Sprockers and Springer Spaniels. He has bred over 100 puppies in the last 8 years, giving healthy chunky puppies, several of which we have kept. So far he has thrown black, chocolate brown, black & white and liver & white puppies.

Max's son Jackson started his gundog training in 2016 and is proving to be a quick learner and very like Max - (he is black too).

Laz - Jackson's son, ( blue roan ) is the 3rd generation of his line to start his gundog training. You can see him in the phot learning the ropes from Freddy & Jackson.

Pip is a handsome golden Cocker ( now retired ) .Mr Pickles (Pip's son) is lemon & white - we bred him also - he was the  smallest puppy in his litter & became known as the "little pickle" -  he is now a large & handsome gentleman that turned into Mr Pickles! His puppies are very well marked & good looking.

Dog's Gallery

Visit Our photo gallery page

Here you can view photos and pictures sent to us by the new owners of our puppies